Ron & Ochita Parry

A mixed bag of Ron & Ochita’s Shows

Here are a collection of performances, shows and theatre productions, etc. Please note that most of these videos were unfortunately created on a rather amateurish scale or by loved ones. Many have been converted from already decomposing VHS cassettes which is a real a shame, but there are a few good ones too! However, for the purpose of these presented here are to help capture the memories of 2 fine entertainers. For the benefit of beloved friends, family, associates, students and fans.

Please click on any video title of your choosing and it will automatically take you to that video onto another tab in your browser. Ochita’s videos are red and Ron’s are blue. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes takes you to Ochita’s dancing studio at the back of their house in Cowandilla, Adelaide. Here Ochita does a great demonstration of how to play the castanets- don’t miss it!

Ochita demonstrates the castanets at a local club in Adelaide. Her husband, Ron is compering the show and evidently ad-libbing as Ochita is behind schedule and keeping everyone waiting. 


Antonia Merce La Argentina recognised Ochita’s natural talents and became her patrona finally giving Ochita her own solo at the age of 5 at the Teatro Madrid. Here you can see Ochita dancing with one of her sister’s Mary. 

Notice how fluid her movements are and the beautiful flow of her hands. She moves her hands with great dexterity, there is an art to how one positions their fingers and wrists. Just the same as one moves their head, torso, legs, arms and feet.

Ron’s TV show “Here’s Parry” – It was a regular night show with ADS 7 where he also hosted a variety of entertainers and performers. Notice the backdrops they had in those days and a lot on impromptu gags and giggles from the audience.

1980s Ron appeared at the Tivoli and Paprika, Adelaide [cabaret show] – this is 1 of 6 VHS, although the quality is far from good, it still holds great memories of that era. Quirky, funny little skits each performance was tuned to suit different audiences and shows.


Tivoli continued, this is 2 of 6 VHS. Acting as an old lady, Ron chats to her friend in front of a supermarket. Ron also plays a skit as a cockney fellow with his Chihuahua.

This is 3 of 6 VHS. Starts off with a great jazz piece played by a fellow artist, followed by Ron dressed in a zany golf outfit and asks 2 young people from the audience to come on stage and help him do one of his many ventriloquist acts.

Tivoli – This is 4 of 6.
Ron does one of his many ventriloquist acts, here he chats with his favorite ventriloquist dolls, ‘Gloria’.

Tivoli – This is 5 of 6 VHS. Ron created this Roman story teller skit, a melodrama “A Christian tit-bit” with other entertainers and people were brought on stage from the audience to join in, great laughs.[Part 1 of 2]


This is 6 of 6. Ron created this Roman story teller skit, a melodrama “A Christian tit-bit” with other entertainers and people brought on stage from the audience [Part 2 of 2]

One of many productions Ochita choreographed. A operatic singer sings Carmen, a charismatic Belinda [a joy to watch], a dancer with a fun’n’cheeky dance routine, plus castanets played to an unusual Arabic sounding song.

Flamenco ”Burro”, Ochita playing castanets with her students, Paco – guitarist, a solo by the lovely Belinda, Ron compering the show, around 15 mins into the video Ochita dances until the end, Sevillanas plus more….

Ochita was a maestro in Spanish dancing and other dance forms. But her castanet work was one of the best around. Here is an short example of how well she played. No one could ever fault her tempos and beats and her roll was truly amazing.


Ron used to do this telephone gag/ventriloquist act where he would phone up his mistress using his suit jacket as the telephone. Always got a good laugh.

Ole! Ole! 2000 – A great flamenco production by Ochita – Footwork performance from Ochita’s dancers, Ochita’s solo, [although put on weight due to health issues, she still danced], belly dancer, and so much more….this production is great! Ole!

Ole! Ole! 2000 – Part 2. This show went for 2.5 hours and had many other parts which are not shown here, but is a great reminder of Ochita’s body or work and her students from the Spanish Dancing Academy of South Australia.

Ron is doing a short act throwing his voice whilst waiting for his wife, Ochita to come on stage with her group. Note, the man standing behind Ron on the stage [bless him] is the owner/manager of the restaurant and has no idea when to move away and let the show go on. 

Again Ochita takes the stage, no matter what venue, size shape or form, her performance lights the stage. Paco Blanco, the guitarist accompanies her. Her castanet playing excels any I know of, showing light and shade of any music melody.

Ochita again demonstrates playing the castanets, but watching her play never gets boring. A young man tries to play them, not a bad attempt for a beginner! George Tirotta is the accompanying guitarist.

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