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From an incredibly young age Ochita had already found her footing on stage and performing. Her older sisters met with the very same love of dance and I would imagine helped strengthen her pathway into the world of dance. Also her parents were incredibly supportive as well. From ballet, tap to other forms of dance Ochita paralleled into what she loved most of all and that was the world of  Flamenco dancing. Her biggest dream [she told me in her last few years] was to choreograph a big musical. But if one looks at her body of work or even knew her, her consistency of performing on stage already showed that. But Ochita was a perfectionist and always wanted to strive for that bit extra, she was never satisfied.
A true artist is never satisfied with what they do, they always look at bettering themselves and what they can do next.


Age 3

Began to dance learning from Eduardo Cansino, a dancing family and father to Rita Hayworth (the actor), Frasquillo and Maria Roe.

Age 5

Claimed child prodigy by the famous Argentina Antonia Merce and performed as a soloist, in La Argentinos show at Teatro Madrid.

Age 6

Contracted for Antonio Merces American Tour which unfortunately due to La Argentina’s tragic death was cancelled before Ochita could Join her.

Age 7

Went to Brussels to specifically learn from Soto the Zambra Mora – a Moorish form of Flamenco.

Age 9

Toured theatres in U.K. as a soloist in a Spanish show.

Age 14

Became a fully-fledged choreographer.

Created and originated a tap and ballet solo routine with castanets [an original].

Age 16

Passed all her ballet exams including that of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, choreographer and Soloist in a Revisto [Revue].

Age 17

Selected by London International Ballet Company to choreograph Dances Espanoles and to perform as a soloist during their London Season at Her Majesty’s Theatre

Age 18

Leading role acting and dancing in Romany Love also at her Majesty’s London.

Soloist in Cabarets, TV, Ireland, U.K. and Europe.

Re-booked by International Ballet Company as soloist In Leonide Massine’s “Capriccio Espagnol”, First Ballet Company to open the then new Festival Theatre London.

Toured 3 years with the International Ballet Company.

Danced in conjunction with the Milan Opera Company and Maria Colas and performed in front of 25,000 people per night for the 3 week Operatic Season

Age 19

Leading role as a jealous gypsy woman in the American musical “Romany Love” at Her Majesty’s Theatre London for 2 years

She continued to perform in London, appearing in cabaret and on television.

Age 20

Leading solo acting and dancing opposite Yul Brynner in ‘Lute Song” at Covent Garden Theatre London 1W

Age 22

Followed by a season in the Intimate Revue at the Henry Irving Theatre, London

Age 22-27

Royal Command Performance [Adelphi Theatre]

Royal Command Performance [London]

Lead role in the International Ballet Company

Age 25

Met Ron Parry [who would be her future husband]

Prima ballerina in “Capriccio Espagnol” – London’s West End touring for 2.5 years in conjunction with Scala Milan Opera Company touring through England and Ireland

Performed with Maria Callas  and Scala Milan Opera Co. at the Arena Di Verona in Italy

Age 28

Married actor and comedian, Ron Parry

Had their first child

Age 30+

Toured the American Zone of Germany with Ron

Played the Tivoli Circuit in Australia

Choreographed and danced in various TV and theatre productions in UK
-Along the Gypsy trail
-Flamenco Fire

Toured the American Zone of Germany with the male Spanish dancer, Luis Nieto

Ochita and Ron travelled to Australia with the Tivoli Theatre Circuit for 12 months

Age 31

Had their second child

3 month Queensland tour, Australia with the Great Levante and her husband, Ron

Solo performance for Spanish Club at the historical Cell Block Theatre

Age unavailable

Trained and choreographed young dancers at Tabou Nightclub

Performed at the Tabou Nightclub

Age 40

Had their third child

Age 40 -45

Made ends meet by working 3 different jobs and continued dancing

Age 45

Moved to Adelaide

Age 45 – 46

Performed at Los Amigos and started teaching students

Performed at the opening of the Festival Theatre

Performed in the Annual Good Neighbour Council’s Multicultural Show” at The Festival Theatre for 3 years running

Organised lectures – concerts for advanced students at the Adelaide School of music. This proved most successful as it not only included Ochita’s professional group but also audience participation.

Arranged many 1 hour concerts on Spanish Dancing & Music for Primary Schools, as well as 3 years organizing the itinerary of all entertainers [dancers and musicians] for the Spanish Club’s Annual Fiesta.

Ochita became resident dancer at Los Amigos

Age 47

Formed the Spanish Dancing Academy of Australia

Age unavailable

Ochita became the resident dancer at El Matadors, followed by La Taverna Espanola.

Honoured as one of 13 successful business women in South Australia

Age 60

Choreographed, directed and performed at “Magic of Spain”
[Arts Theatre, Adelaide]

Choreographed, directed and performed at “Fiesta”
[The Glenelg Yacht Club]

Choreographed, directed and performed at “Una Noche en Espana”
[Sports Club, Adelaide]

Age 64

Choreographed, directed and performed at “Flamenco Fiesta”
[Royalty Theatre, Adelaide]

Choreographed, directed and performed at Lanzerac Restaurant
[Barossa Wine Festival]

Choreographed, directed and performed at Karvey World Travel show
[The International Airport Terminal]

Choreographed, directed, performed at Alfresco [for The Melbourne Street Group].


Age 65

Choreographed, directed, performed at “Flamenco Fantasia”
[Fantasia Convention Centre]

Choreographed, directed, performed at “Flamenco”[Nexus Centre, Adelaide]

Age 65-75

Resident Flamenco dancer at Café Tapas, Rundle Street, Adelaide for 10 years [1992-2002]

Age 66

Choreographed, directed, performed at “Fiesta Flamenco”
[Festival Theatre, Adelaide]

Her dancing troupe became residents for 18 months at Café Tapas.

Translated at a workshop for Mario Maya’s Flamenco Company

Choreographed, directed, performed at “Flamenco Fiesta”
[Royalty Theatre, Adelaide]

1993 was engaged to present a workshop –  performance at the Festival Theatre to include public participation

Uk workshops – Cancelled due to ill health and hospitalised whilst on holiday, the start of an illness that would make her have a Colostomy later.

Age 71

Choreographed, directed and performed at “Flamenco”[Nexus Centre, Adelaide]

Age 73

Choreographed, directed and performed at “Ole! Ole! 2001” [Arts Theatre, Adelaide]

Age 73-78

Ochita continued to teach dance, but on a smaller scale

Friday night bookings at the beautiful  top class restaurant in Adelaide [The Hilton Hotel]

Age 76

Ochita went into hospital and had a Colostomy [large operation]

Age 81

Ochita officially retired

Age 84

Ochita passed away peacefully after having Pneumonia [with her husband by her side]

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