By friends, celebrities, students & more

Note – all the people here in the testimonials are/were friends of Ron & Ochita in so many ways, whether they crossed their paths in a show or danced temporarily or whatever.

Please accept my apologies if I have titled you “ex-student” and not “friend”, this is only because I am trying to differentiate those that danced or did acting and those that were only friends [not related in dance or acting], however, most that were ex-students were friends in their eyes.

Lorna Stansfield


I will miss Ochita so much - 1997-2000

Barbara McRae

Long-time friend

Thanks for the good times Ron!

Bruce White


Many great memories of Ron!

Sarino Caruso


We love you Ochita. You have been an inspiration. Your passion and love for life will live forever. I will remember you every time I have beautiful music or see a graceful move.

Robyn & John Dawkins


Ochita - a beautiful lady - now at peace.

Dolores Caruso


You taught me so much Ochita! Xxx

Eugenia Torrealba


Ochita- Now you are dancing with the stars forever, much loved and admired.

Maria Galan and family


Always in our memories, with love xxxx Goodbye Ochita, I always thought you were a very good and caring patroness and today I had that confirmed after seeing your family.

Annie Donohue


Ron - My wonderful teacher!

William Dalton


Ron, thank you for sharing your energy with me.

Trudy McNeish


Ron, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and caring for you.

Sam Burns


Ron - The brightest light in the darkest place, Thank you Chum xxx

Janice Roberts


Ron, with thanks for laughs & friendship

Maxine & Joanne Cheyne

Friend & Ex-Student

Ron, we will miss you so

Barbara Dalton

Ochita - An inspirational teacher and friend. Your flamboyance and joy in life will be missed.

Andrei Gostin


I danced with Ochita from 1997-2000. Ochita threw me in the deep end making me solo at Tapas on Rundle street after training for merely 3 months. She was a great teacher and I had a wonderful connection with her. Ochita was such a lovely lady. I didn't know Ron so well but he was always charming and witty! Great days and wonderful memories. 😊

Emily Vasquez Stansfield


Ochita was amazing and passionate Beautiful Ochita! My sister and I were so fortunate to attend her classes 💃🏾 😘 ❤️

Christ Wendt


Ron, fond memories of a gentle man

Garry Coff


Ron - Thanks for all the wonderful memories

Nayima {Monique] Hassan


Ochita - A divine artiste rests in heaven. Lucky heaven now enjoys your dance. Viva flamenco xxxoo

Emily Stansfield


Ochita was a funny, passionate teacher and dancer