By friends, celebrities, students & more

This has been quite a journey contacting people all around the world to find the people that mattered to Ron and Ochita and those that mattered to them. So many beautiful people in this world, this has been an incredible journey reaching out to everyone and either sharing stories or just remembering. 

Note – all the people here in the testimonials are/were friends of Ron & Ochita in so many ways, whether they crossed their paths in a show or danced temporarily or whatever.

Please accept my apologies if I have titled you “ex-student” and not “friend”, this is only because I am trying to differentiate those that danced or did acting and those that were only friends [not related in dance or acting], however, most that were ex-students were friends in their eyes.

Tanya Howell


Ron’s course was so much fun! He was amazing he really was. I honestly think about him from time to time. I never followed my dream but had a ball learning so much from Ron.

Marina Barbaro


She taught us so much and gave us so many wonderful opportunities and memories. I was in Ochita's class and performance group for over 4 years and it was a special time in my life and I loved spending time with Ochita.

Rosalie Cocchiaro

Professional Flamenco Dancer

She was my first teacher. Ochita was inspirational. I am now a professional flamenco dancer.

Rosie Peck

Theatrical Technician/Computer Whizz/Radio Announcer

Ron and Ochita Parry were two of the nicest, encouraging, talented, gifted, welcoming, thoughtful people I have ever had the privilege to know. Being a part of their lives since 1982 has made me a better human being. I miss them terribly and will hold them in my heart till the day I die.

Teresa Lavers


I loved that time with Ochita. She was so beautiful and full of life. She was a wonderful teacher and so generous.

Chris Carroll


I first met Ron when we were at the same gig in Adelaide, 1975. We became life-long friends and performed at several venues together. I feel blessed-along with my children-to have had Ron in my professional and personal life. I will cherish the memories forever.

Al Valodze


"Ochita helped me quite a bit and certainly ignited my love of flamenco Best castanet technique I've heard to this day ... She is missed by many, such a wonderful passionate, kind and supportive person"

Roshanne Wijeyeratne Alma Flamenca

Director Of Alma Flamenca Dance School And Dance Company

I'm a Flamenco dance teacher in Adelaide. I, unfortunately, didn't have the pleasure of knowing Ochita, but some of my students, who have previously learnt with Ochita, speak very highly of her. I have a great respect for her work as I see her work and passion in those students. Teachers are facilitators and only bricks in the wall of a student's development and I have a deep respect for all dance teachers who inspire passion in their students' hearts and longevity in dance. From my small amount of experience with previous students of Ochita, I can see that this is true of her teaching and I am deeply grateful

Beryl & Sid

Long Time Friends

Beryl reminisced about her times with Ochita in Torquay, and Beryl is 85 now- that is a long friendship. Beryl and Sid asked me to tell everyone that 'They will NEVER forget them". [2010] Carina

Joanne Cooper-Rao


Ochita and Ron were amazing human beings

Heidi Walters


"I was her student for many years and loved her to bits!! Ochita was a fabulous woman!"

Caryn Parker


"Ron was an amazing man. I live near where he used to live and think of him often. He was such an inspiration to me"

Michael Krantis [Magic Mike]


I will always treasure the magical times we spent together. I am so glad I spent 3 years of my life learning from a true master of flamenco! Love and hugs Ochita, a big kiss on the cheek. Please reserve a spot in your classroom in the heavens. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Des O'Connor


I fondly remember working with Ron, many years ago, when we appeared together at the London Palladium around 1960 and again when the show transferred to Glasgow Empire.

Barry Crocker


Ron Parry, in the fullness of your life you brought so much happiness and joy to so many people, and I know they will always remember the smiles, that creased their faces when you let rip with your inimitable sense of humour. You were someone to aspire to, a long skinny blonde headed all-round entertainer; there weren't too many of us around.

Bert Newton


Ron...an old friend from the past Bert Newton, in memory of all the people I've worked with in show business in Australia through the years - there's been no finer performer more than yourself.

Amanda Catalano


Ochita...I still remember how tough she was, both physically and mentally, and her sense of humour and grace. I just know her spirit lives on in every 'planta' or every 'golpe' her students take!

Keith Gregg


Ron provided years of enjoyable and often hilarious friendship. Recollections of the many times we swapped stories, ideas, and opinions over a bottle of brandy are among the most precious memories of my life. The extent and variety of Ron's career, from Lancaster pilot, to theatre and comedy performance, and theatrical agency, was always impressive, but was made particularly enjoyable by the inevitable comic twist he could put on even the most drastic situations.

Sir Cliff Richard


I have many good memories of Ron.

Joaquin Artacho

Singer/Spanish Consulate

It has been my privilege and pleasure to meet and to have worked & performed with Ochita on numerous occasions. I frequently sang for her and performers. Her professionalism was impressive; her use of her hands especially with the castañets reminded me of the great and famous artist Lucero Tena, the best castañet player in the world. She was the consummate professional in all aspects of flamenco & regional Spanish dance. Ochita has left a great & lasting legacy to flamenco in South Australia & all of Australia. I am very proud to have called Ochita & Ron my friends. Very best wishes from Joaquin.

Sid Stephenson


Ochita was my friend. I loved her unconditionally for all the time I knew her. Spending time in her company was a joy and a privilege. Her entire life was filled with the energy and boundless enthusiasm of a teenager. She laughed, ate, socialised and danced with both strength and grace, and her greatest gift was her curiosity - about people, places, food, travel, and life, and love. She spoke directly into your eyes, and thereby, into your soul. It was not possible to be in her company and treat her lightly, or frivolously, she demanded and got 100% of your attention and your focus, and repaid it lifting your spirit, and surrounding you with her protective aura. When she danced, she was surrounded by a spiritual light, and the room seemed to grow darker into the corners. I never wanted her to stop. I miss her most days, but especially when I see something extraordinary, and wish that she was there to share it, and bring her own perspective and dimension, and fix me with her gaze, and tell me something that I never knew before. Then put her hands on both sides of my face, and smile, and lift me into heaven. I could never imagine a world without Ochita in it. And while there is flamenco, and wild abandoned music and song, and joy and love, she will always be here. Always. With love, Sid x

David Stiles


Ron Parry has been a part of my life since I was a young child. This tall, talented, funny man welcomed our family into his house and his life. Whether he was providing friendly guidance or a source of amusement, Ron made people feel happy and secure. I saw Ron as a grand-father. My best memory of Ron was at one of Ochita and his gigs. Ron was a talented ventriloquist. I remember him throwing his voice across the room so we would be running around looking for this little person that must have been hiding in the cupboards. I still have fond memories of Ron hanging on the clothes line in his back yard in Cowandilla pretending he was a monkey. Ron was a gentleman, with the heart of a child. This stayed with him until his last breath. It was a pleasure to have been part of his life and see a man that lived his life to the fullest. When he passed away, we lost a person that brought joy and love to the world.

Sir Bruce Forsyth


Ron and I worked on many bills together but none as grand as The Royal Variety Performance in the UK.

Dorothy Carr

Personal Friend

Ochita...As I sit here writing this, my thoughts go back to when we first met in 1974 I always wanted to learn Flamenco Dancing and you were my teacher. From there a very firm friendship was made We had so many laughs, shared thoughts and confidences. Plus dancing at Los Amigos, to theatres, parties and other outings too numerous to mention. You were with me at the Old Lion Piano Bar the night I met my beloved Malcolm. Throughout thick and thin in our lives our friendship remained constant. Ochita……You have danced your last dance, your castanets are now still, I shall miss you dear friend.

Holly Briquet


Ochita had a profound impact on my life... not only did I learn flamenco but also Ochita transmitted a passion for Spain...which led me to the path I am on today. A beautiful, fascinating woman who made her students grow in confidence and believe in dreams.

Sandie & Garry Coff


Wonderful memories of a treasured and talented couple

Marina Tamayo

Director & Principle Flamenco Teacher

I remember doing class with Ochita! Her experience and knowledge was second to none... sensational artist who lived for the stage! Her castanet work was sublime...a jewel in Australian arts...

Angel Mellado


The real 'Mujer Española" and flamenco dande, and my partner for 3 years. ¡ Good memories, Ochita ! We three together performing in many shows in Adelaide in the 70's-80's. Ron, top presenter and humoristic, Ochita very good spanish dancer and top castanets player.

Amanda Catalano


Ochita was very special, she was the most honest person to me, and every time I dance or even enter a room that requires me to have courage I think of her. I was a terrible dancer and probably still am but she was the first person to tell me I could be a beautiful dancer.