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The laughs and giggles were constant, the gags at full steam, loads of ad-libbing, impromptu one-liners, ridiculous and silly acts made for many an entertaining show throughout Ron’s showbiz years. Ron certainly had his highs and lows, as many people do in the entertainment industry, but what stays with us is the constant laughs he brought to everyone around him, he was able to keep the laughs going. A measure in itself of a great artist, quick wit and timing all makes a great entertainer…or should I say, comedian. Thanks for being my father – Carina [daughter].


Ron’s trouser snake act or telephone routine. Ron always had a way of changing and adding new material to any act he did.

His telephone routine, perhaps this may be ‘Roger the lodger’ one. Usually, a cheeky routine.

One of Ron’s most favourite ventriloquist dolls was Gloria, his other favourite was Charlie.

Chatting with Gloria, just look at those eyes looking at him. His vent acts were a treat to watch.

Gloria and Charlie, his most treasured ventriloquist dolls, and Ron went through a few.

Doing a vent act. Notice the large amount of chalk on the stage floor, must have been quite a few acts.

Ron with his 2 dolls, looking up. Must be someone important in the dress circle above, maybe at the Palladium.

Ron’s parrot sketch. A lovely act of his imaginary Parrot. Great response to this act, certainly a crowd favorite.


A boxer routine where Ron moved his legs in funny ways that always brought more laughs.

The old lady sketch- 2 women talking shop [Ron on the right].

Hard to believe that this is Ron dressed as a woman.

Percy Puke, an act in a Cabaret show in Adelaide, not complimentary for Ron, but people loved it.

Pantomine shows – Ron was called to do many of these, these were greatly loved by audiences.

Pantomines in the 1950s. Always creative and a ball of fun.

The family lost count how many different characters Ron played in his life, but it was quite a few.

Ron performing with another celebrity in the UK in 50s/60s.

Ron singing back in the 50s-60s in the UK with other entertainers. Ron was a man of many abilities.

Ron in Pantomine, again. great stage sets, even back then in the 50s.

Ron with the audience

Ron with the audience, looks like the lady is laughing about something naughty.

Ron’s exaggerated movements and long legs made for a humourous scene and much laughter. [Polio in his youth caused such skinny legs].

Out of the Blue 1946

1950s Pantomine show

1950s Pantomine show

Out of the Blue 1946

Vaudeville Show in Adelaide, Australia

Vaudeville Show in Adelaide, Australia

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