Retracing history through memorabilia

Whilst trying to retrace Ron’s steps in time, a collection of programs were found in an old chest and other fascinating papers. The mind boggles as to how many shows he really did in the UK but I assure you it must have been an enormous amount, not to mention all his shows in Australia. As a child it just seemed a routine to me that he’d be doing these shows and making people laugh. I was proud as punch to have the opportunity to see him on stage [if I was allowed and depending how late it was when I was younger].
It is wonderful to capture history through these programs and get a glimpse into the world of such a talented artist not to mention the amount of work involved to prepare for shows and constantly create new, interesting and funny material. Audiences are a funny thing, and it takes an amount of courage, dedication and some wit to be able to work in front of different crowds and people’s expectations. It is an admirable job and not something anyone can do, certainly an art to make people laugh and on a regular basis is art in itself.
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