Posters and Programs

Due to Ochita’s busy schedule throughout her life, she never seemed to keep sight of all the programs or posters of shows she appeared in. However, Ochita had a room specially used for Spanish costumes, cola frocks, combs, fruit baskets, accessories and so on.
A studio brimming over with stage photos, CDs, a large collection of cassette music, guitar recordings and any other paraphernalia needed for shows was always at hand, even Congo drums! As for her programs and posters, what was salvageable were the ones below from an old chest and papers scattered here and there. Just seeing how far back this promotional material goes and the variety makes me feel honorable to know such a wonderful and beautifully, talented person she was- my mother, my friend. Carina
Examples of certificates that Ochita received from concerts she did with her dance academy. Ochita supported a vast array of Associations and  Community Services as well as multicultural to wine events. These just show the diversity of what Ochita helped with over the years.
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