Ron & Ochita – The Events

– Ron & Ochita’s treasured memories –

The stage was their life, what more could anyone ask for if you are able to spend your whole life doing what you love. They did, and being able to share that passion with everyone else around them was their ultimate dream. Ron may say he wasn’t rich, but he certainly had a rich life doing what he loved; and with his lovely wife, Ochita.
“You have all the seeds of a God given talent. Nurture it, pamper it, dedicate yourself to improving it to the best of your ability.”

Ron’s quote to his students 

Ron and Ochita’s lives were filled with organising and performing in shows, teaching students, having meet-ups in cafes and restaurants and enjoying many, many parties where one would dance the night away [but, of course!] and chat until the early hours. They loved life and enjoyed sharing it with their students and friends. You would find all ages there and everyone having a ball and feel the vibrancy of the night.
Life was to be lived- and they did!

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