– Ron & Ochita’s treasured memories –

From escaping the Civil War in Spain to the colorful lights of London; travelling Europe;  moving to Sydney and finally settling in Adelaide, Australia with her husband Ron Parry, Ochita gave joy to many of those around her in the Flamenco world and on stage.

Capturing moments in time of loved ones is a difficult job, especially when one does not know the true date of different photos or have the info, but hopefully these are reasonably accurate. 

“Be true to yourself never take any notice of what other people say”

Ochita’s quote to students & friends

Ochita was an incredible lady; smart, graceful yet determined  and had this unbounded enthusiasm and love for flamenco dancing – all her life. Her joy for dance was limitless and the audience and her students were the icing on the cake. Choreography, music, lighting, stage, stories, costumes, makeup, theatrical backdrops, history, ambiance and mood were all the components she deliberated over meticulously to enhance the world of flamenco to the delights of the audiences.




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