– Ron & Ochita’s treasured memories –

Ron’s youth had a rather unstable upbringing due to a father who disappeared many times and having to move from place to place with his mother to make ends meet. The loss of any childhood memories he had were probably lost due to a rather unsavory first marriage. But his stage presence zoomed to new heights after being discharged from his duties in the RAF. Here lies a life full exciting journeys amid the quandaries of a comedian’s life.

Trying to be as accurate as one can be is difficult when one is not there from the beginning of Ron’s life. But hopefully you get the general idea of how his life progressed. Unfortunately one cannot document all of which has been stated in Ron’s timeline, for example like performing with Cliff Richard or playing in front of the Queen at the London Palladium, but you should have a clear picture of the assortment of his talents and what a colourful life he led.

“I’ve been entertaining since I was 4, so a stretch of 76 years isn’t bad”

Ron quoted on his 80th birthday

Up until the very end, Ron still created laughter among the people around him – and not deliberately either, it just happened to be a major part of his makeup; ask anyone! You only have to look at this photo and see his wife, Ochita about to crack up about something funny he said. This was a continuous occurrence in our family.
Ron’s humor was definitely contagious; his expressions, timing and body language just made it even that more hilarious. A true blessing to have a father like that.

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