– Ron & Ochita’s treasured memories –

Here is Ochita throughout the different dance stages of her life. She was definitely born as a true Spanish dancer, but she also learnt many forms of dance from Russian to ballet and everything in between. There was nothing she didn’t try or accomplish. These were from the very best dancing schools her parents sent her to. But without a doubt, Flamenco dancing was where her heart was. Throughout her career, Ochita choreographed and danced to many varieties of flamenco dance styles and believed in keeping the traditional form as well as the modern.
Trying to be as accurate as one can be is difficult when one is not there from the beginning of Ochita’s life. But hopefully you get the general idea of how her life progressed. Unfortunately one cannot document all of which has been stated in Ochita’s timeline, for example like dancing in Lute Song with Yul Brynner  or playing in front of the Queen at the Festival in Adelaide, but you should have a clear picture of the assortment of her talents and what a colourful life she led.
“Be kind to everyone, that way no one can complain about you.”

Quote by Ochita to her students

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