Daughter - Carina Parry

Welcome to Ron & Ochita’s website!

This website has been created in commemoration of Ron and Ochita. And their lives to be shared with those that shared their lives with them. This was definitely a bigger task than I ever thought possible. However, with persistence and talking to those around the globe this project has been made possible. The use of Facebook and Flamenco groups in Australia has also been a welcoming help.
I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

 The journey to create this website and the connection with all involved has made me feel humble and overwhelmed. The great response from those who connected with me made this journey an enjoyable one. It is a delight to know that in both the theatrical world and flamenco industry we have people who just make life feel exciting and wonderful. I have felt very honored to share this website with everyone. And blessed to have shared moments in time with people who knew Ron & Ochita and spoke highly of them. I wish to acknowledge the people below who have been a big part of Ron & Ochita’s lives during their careers, personally and otherwise. Their lives would not have been the same without you.


  • Al Valodze -Student/Guitarist
  • Amanda Catalano -Student
  • Andre R -Entertainer
  • Andrei Gostin -Student
  • Angel Mellado -Singer/Guitarist
  • Angela Schuurmans -Student
  • Barbara Dalton & Liam -Student
  • Barbara McCrae -Friend
  • Barry Crocker -Entertainer
  • Bert Newton -Entertainer
  • Beryl & Sidney Lee -Friends [Friend since childhood]
  • Bethany Smith- student [daughter of Barbara Dalton]
  • Caryn Parker -student
  • Cat Smith -Student
  • Cathie Noel -student
  • Chris Carroll -Singer
  • Chris Wendt -Admirer
  • Christina Michelle Flood-Student
  • David Stiles -Friend
  • Des O’Connor -Entertainer/Artist
  • Dorothy Carr -friend
  • Emily Vasquez Stansfield -Student
  • Emma Fernee -Student
  • Emma Pursche -Admirer
  • Enza Iammarrone -Student
  • Eugenia Torrealba
  • Gail Gunn -Dressmaker
  • Heidi Walters -Student
  • Holly Briquette -Student
  • Janice Roberts -Friend
  • Janine Hartwig -Student
  • Joanne Cooper-Rao -Student
  • Joaquin Artacho -Singer
  • John & Jeanette Rowbotham -Long-time Friends
  • Keith Gregg -Friend
  • Lorna J Stansfield -Student
  • Marco Antonio -Student
  • Margaret Djapri -Student
  • Marina Barbaro -Student
  • Marina Tamayo -Student
  • Maxine Cheyne -friend
  • Mercedes Boehmer -Student
  • Michael Krantis –Student
  • Nayima Hassa ‘ Monique’ – [Belly Dancer]
  • Paco Blanco -Guitarist
  • Paola Niscioli -Student
  • Rafael Johnston [Holly Briquette’s son]
  • Rod Ettridge-Entertainer
  • Rosalie Cocchiaro -Student
  • Rosanna Karnas -Student
  • Rosie Peck -Stage Manager
  • Sandie & Garry Coff -Student
  • Sid Stephenson -Friend
  • Sir Bruce Forsyth -Entertainer
  • Sir Cliff Richard -Singer/Artist
  • Stephanie Stephenson -Friend
  • Silvana Lombardi -Student
  • Sophia Mauriello -Student
  • Susi Masi -Student
  • Tanya Howell -Student
  • Teresa Lavers -Student
  • Tom Chifamba -Student
  • Troy Holland -Student
  • Veronica Vargas -Student

  • Adriana Zenides -Student/celebrity on the Wheel of Fortune [RIP]
  • Roger Hicks -Friend/Dancer [RIP]
  • Vina Tatem -Friend/Concert Pianist [RIP]

  • Ali Zoghi
  • Anastasia-student [acting]
  • Andi-Student [acting]
  • Annie Donohoe -Student
  • Aurelio Di Sessa
  • Belinda Schenk-Student [acting]
  • Bianca Barbaro-Student
  • Bruce White [Paco] -Guitarist
  • Carmel-Student [acting]
  • Caroline Williamson
  • Catherine Boomer
  • Catherine Smith
  • Celia Brown
  • Celia Julian-Bailey
  • Chantelle Cano
  • Chris Brown-Guitarist
  • Colleen Sincock
  • Dale Voight
  • Denisa Drienik Christou
  • Dolores & Tony Caruso -Student
  • Donna Albanese-Student [acting]
  • Dorothy Farmer
  • Esther Kreminski-Student [acting]
  • Eugenia Lopez
  • Gabrielle-Student [acting]
  • Gena Martin
  • Graeme P. Moylan-student [acting]
  • Helen Babaniottis -Student
  • Iwona Wsolak
  • Janet Langham-Student
  • Jennifer Jerome
  • Joanna Donato
  • Joanne Cheyne
  • Jodie Wilson Avery
  • John De Painder -Guitarist
  • Jorge Tirotta -Guitarist
  • Josephine Caruso
  • Josie ‘Josefina’ Barbaro -Student
  • Josephine Caruso
  • Julia Haxby-Student [acting]
  • Kristin McCarthy
  • Lia Bonfiglio-Student [acting]
  • Licette Gus
  • Lisa Pettinou
  • Liza Raggatt
  • Lorianne Madigan
  • Lyn Bertram
  • Margo Acton-Student [acting]
  • Mari Galan & Family
  • Maria Simon
  • Marilou Hassan
  • Marlena Cutajar -Student
  • Mary Christodoulou-Student [acting]
  • Maryanne McMillan
  • Melanie Tomblin-Student [acting]
  • Michelle Evans-Student [acting]
  • Michelle Jones [Shepherd]
  • Monique Hassan
  • Monique Webber-Student [acting]
  • Nadia Borghesan
  • Natalie Lane
  • Nicola Yiannoulla-Student [acting]
  • Paquita Delgado
  • Patricia Bunton
  • Paulette Galatis
  • Rafael Delgado
  • Raelene Dalby-Student [acting]
  • Raymond Kennett
  • Rica Arnold
  • Robyn & John Dawkins
  • Robyn Goldsworthy
  • Sarina Caruso
  • Suzanna & Gabrielle-Student [acting]
  • Tanya Howell-Student [acting]
  • Teresa bernadi-Student [acting]
  • Troy Holland-Student [acting]
  • Vanessa Cogey-Student [acting]

  • Karen Mooney
  • Roshanne Wijeyeratne Alma

thankyou rose2


Triana – My adorable, warm-hearted and beautiful younger sister who has stuck by me through thick and thin. Who has also had the luxury and opportunity to grow up watching and being entertained by our parents. She’s even played her flute with them during various shows much to my admiration and pride. I thank her dearly for her help in stucturing and enhancing what I wrote on this website. To not have her constructive oversight i couldn’t have done it without her.

Rosie Peck – Friend/Admirer/Theatrical technician

For her unconditional love, devotion and support towards our parents over more than 30 years.

And thank you dearly for your help, support and thoughts when I needed it for the website.

Thank you rose3


Trudy McNeish – Carer/Nurse

[For her time & friendship]


If I have spelt your name incorrectly or your name isn’t on the list, just let me know. It’s very hard to find everyone, especially over so many years and sometimes people change their names and it is not possible to find everyone. Or your name was written down and I could not read the hand writing clearly. There is also the possibility you haven’t checked your Facebook page as well [for those that I have tried to contact].

If you were a friend, student, etc. with Ron or Ochita just get in touch with me on the contact page and I will be only too pleased to add you to the list. I am sure there are probably many, many people unaccounted for here and that could also be due to not having my parent’s diaries. Also over 30 years it would be just impossible to find everyone.

Any testimonials are welcome too via email.

Thank you again, for sharing this journey with us and for sharing our lives!

  Carina Parry