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It seems impossible to put dates or times to Ron’s timeline, so instead  categories like training, film, theatre, etc seems more suited in seeing the whole picture. There will also be some parts missing as I have only been able to go by what was kept or noted amongst Ron’s files. There is no mention of the odd jobs one does as an entertainer whilst waiting for the next job to come along, but Ron did admittedly sell ties and vacuum cleaners to make ends meet on one or two occasions of his life, not a job any entertainer would like to do but there is those moments that keeps one focused and grounded on their true love…show business. That is the reality of the entertainment industry.

The timeline is by no means complete but you have a general idea of the vast range of work Ron did in show business. In the later years, between his drama teaching, Ron was happy to help compere his wife, Ochita’s shows and take on shows around town.

Drama training Derek Salberg Repertory theatre, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, UK
U.K. Diplomas B.A.E.Stanislavski.
Played in major… U.K. theatres, revues, plays, pantomimes and show spectaculars for leading managements like: Bernard Delfont’s, George & Alfred Black, Sir Lew & Leslie Grade.
London Theatres included… -“The Irving”, -“The New Lindsey” -“The Stage” -“The Windmill Theatre” [two seasons] -“The London Palladium” [a seven month season] presented to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, H.R.H. Princess Margaret, and other members of the Royal Family following performances at The London Palladium.
Australia H.R.H. Princess Anne at Ayres House, Adelaide, Australia
Other -“The London Coliseum” -“The Prince Of Wales Theatre” -“The Victoria Palace” -“The Whitehall Theatre” -“The Strand Theatre” -“Royal Variety Show” in 1958 -“The Palace” -“Hippodrome” Birmingham … [to name a few]…
West End Played all leading London West End nightclubs as well as… -“The Dorchester Hotel” -“Savoy” -“Hilton” -“The Ritz Hotel”, etc…
National U.K. T.V. Shows   Hosted and performed: -Bernard Delfont’s “Sunday Night from The Prince of Wales” (National T.V. Show) -“The B.B.C. Show” -“The Saturday Show” (National T.V. Series) The Associated Rediffusions’ “Down Beat Jazz” Series (National)
Guest Appearances At most National T.V. Shows. E.g. “Vera Lynn Show” Toured the continent and American/British zone of Germany. -“British Forces Entertainment” – Cyprus; Maple Leaf Unit, Canada & U.S.A.
Australian performances -“The Florence Desmond Fun and Dance Show”, His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth, WA, [1 April 1954] -“Funtasia”, Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, [27 April 1954] -“The Florence” Desmond Fun and Dance Show, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, [8 May 1954] -“Florence Desmond”, Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW, [22 June 1954] -“Funtasia”, Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW, [25 August 1954] -“La Vie Parisienne”, Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Vic­­­, [20 November 1954] -“Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp”, Princess Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, [27 December 1954] -“One Dam’ Thing After Another”, Tivoli Theatre (1932-1969), Sydney, NSW, [5 March 1966]
Contracted From U.K. to Australia by N.W.S. 9 (Sydney) for: -National T.V. Toured South Africa -Rhodesia and South African Radio Series
Australia -Played all major Australian theatres/hotels/clubs and most radio T.V. shows. -Resident compere/comedian Paprika, Hindley Street Adelaide [cabaret show] -Resident compere/comedian Tivoli, Hindley Street Adelaide [cabaret show] -RSL and Leagues Clubs NSW and Adelaide -Headlined Variety Spectacular Show touring Queensland. -“Don’t say a word” [with Buster Fiddess, Brian Taylor] Comedy/Charades show
Comedy lead “King Pellinore” Played the Comedy lead in “Camelot” (J.C. Williamson)
Hosted own show “Here’s Parry” T.V. show Ron hosted twice weekly for 2.5 years on A.D.S. 7
Roles played “Homicide”, “Hunter”, “Division 4, “Cop Shop”, Matlock Police, etc. Played various roles
U.K. Film Credits “The Main Attraction” Butchers” Productions (coached Mal Zetterling) “When You Come Home” and “Farewell Performance” Seven Arts Productions & Frank Randle’s Productions “Murder at the Met” Butchers’ Productions Technical advisor/scripting on various film productions.
Australian Film Credits “Sarah Dane”- Ship’s Master “For The Term Of His Natural Life” A Mini Series S.A. Film Corp., Dr. Pine Ship’s Surgeon.
Teaching “Stage Door Centre of Drama” Ron taught acting and comedy in his own company which he opened in 1980 in Adelaide, South Australia.

Television Productions/Shows

[examples of the many shows Ron has been in, found either in records he kept or online, not all but gives an example of the variety of his work, etc]

“When You Come Home” Butchers/John Baxter-British Comedy film [1948]
“Robinson Crusoe” Pantomime, Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham, UK, 1950s
“Parade of Youth” Television Talent Show, UK [on-screen participant/himself] Also Eric and Ernie’s TV debut. 1951
“Osmani Troupe” Sheffield Empire Theatre, 1953
“Cinderella” Hippodrome, Wolverhampton. 8 January 1953
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp” Princess Theatre, Melbourne, VIC, 27 December 1954
La Vie Parisienne” Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Vic, 20 November 1954
Funtasia” Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, NSW, 25 August 1954
Florence Desmond” Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, NSW, 22 June 1954
The Florence Desmond Fun and Dance Show” Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA, 8 May 1954
Funtasia” Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, Vic, 27 April 1954
The Florence Desmond Fun and Dance Show” His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth WA, 1 April 1954
“Downbeat” Television, UK. Producers Associated-Rediffusion 1955 – Compere/ Host
“The Hilltoppers” Empire Theatre, singing stars from the USA, 11th April, 1955.
“Variety Parade” 2 seasons Comedy Episode #1.24 – himself [Other entertainers Billy Baxter, Eric Morecambe, Ernie Wise, Bruce Forsyth, Spike Milligan, Billy Dainty. Etc] (1955)
“As Sane As You Are” –Variety at the Hippodrome, Birmingham, 20th August, 1956.
“As Sane As You Are” –Variety at the Hippodrome, Birmingham, July to August, 1957
“Dream Holiday” TV Movie, Music (1957)
“Studio E” TV Series Seasons 2, Family –  Episode #2.38 (1958) -Himself –  Episode #2.34 (1958) -Himself (1958)
Royal Variety Show, 1958
“Presents Terry Dene” Ipswich (Gaumont), Arthur Howes, March 2nd 1958
“Prince of Wales” London – (Two weeks), 22nd September 1958
“Kalin Twins – Mudlarks” 1958
“Royal Variety Performances” The Coliseum , November 3, 1958
“Robinson Crusoe” Pantomime, Tom Arnold’s, 24 December and 1958/07 March 1959
“I’m In Charge” Empire Theatre, Bernard Delfont presents, 20th April, 1959.
“Sunday Show from The Prince of Wales” Bernard Delfont’s Theatre, Summer ITV [Several appearances] 1960-1961
“Be My Guest” TV Series, Seasons 5,  Episode #3.5 –Himself [also Max Bygraves, Billy Dainty, Toni Lamond, Harry Secombe, The Beverley Sisters, etc] (1960)
“The Queen Mother at the London Palladium”/ “Christmas Shows” Worthing, 1960-62
“Mad moments” Summer Season, Llandudno (Pier Pavilion) 1962
“The Holiday Show” Summer Season, Llandudno (Pier Pavilion) 1962
“In The Good Old Days” Episode #10.3 a series that re-creates old time British music hall shows. The audience is in Victorian/Edwardian costume, June 1962
“The Saturday Show” BBC TV Series/Variety Show, Produced by Barney Colehan –   Episode dated 25 August 1962 (1962) – Himself/ Presenter –   Episode dated 11 August 1962 (1962) – Himself/Presenter –   Episode dated 14 July 1962 (1962) – Himself/Presenter
“Bruce Forsyth Entertains” Bernard Delfont presents, Birmingham Hippodrome, 1963
One Dam’ Thing After Another“, Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, NSW, 5 March 1966
Also appeared in the BBC’s “Black and White Minstrel Show”, “The Autumn Show” and the “Jack Benny Show”
“Dynasty” ABC
“Everyone’s Got Wheels” ABC
Unkown dates or position Ron took “Murder At The Met” Butchers
“The Main Attraction” Seven Arts
“Here Come The Clowns” Phillip Barries
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