Ron’s ventriloquist routines always entertained

Ron received an enormous amount of reviews after entering the theatre scene in the UK and these continued to do so well into his older years. His witty sense of humor and  ability to project his voice in his ventriloquist acts always left the crowds in wonder. Below is just an example of some of the reviews Ron received from The Stage, London.

[Photo: Ron doing his Parrot Sketch in the UK. A favorite routine among the audiences. Low and behold, Ron, one time, even asked the Princess of Monaco, Princess Grace to hold the imaginary parrot for him as she sat in the front row seats.]

“Young Ron Parry is well on the way to becoming one of the finest ventriloquists in the business”

13 Jun 1946 Round The Halls

 “…supported by Ron Parry, a ventriloquist of repute, who is also an excellent foil. Whenever these two occupy the stage there is abundant laughter”

20 Jul 1950 Summer Entertainment And Concert Notes

“Ron Parry brings a somewhat original line of comedy and burlesque impressions the whole being enhanced by a pleasing personality”.

9 Oct 1952 Round The Halls

“Ron Parry is an energetic comedian with novel ideas and one feels he will be given more to do on TV”

22 Sep 1955

“Rubber-faced ventriloquist Ron Parry puts over his act with amazing speed and dexterity”

31 Jul 1958 Brighton

“Ron Parry gained recognition by way of war-time concert party in ENSA, another artist of long-standing fame and one of the most-loved”

6 Nov 1958

“Ron Parry, who is as sane as we are (the program said so) proved himself an outstandingly accomplished ventriloquist”.

1 Jun 1961

“Ron Parry is a clever ventriloquist and an exceptionally good cross talk act with two dummies is appreciated by a responsive audience”

4 Jul 1946 Golders Green

“Ron Parry, an accomplished ventriloquist who uses two dummies which alternate with songs rendered in a most accomplished manner”

6 Feb 1947 Round The Halls

“Ron Parry has become popular in his crazy out bursts and smart ventriloquial ideas.”

12 Jul 1951 Southend

Ron Parry, an accomplished ventriloquist who uses two dummies which alternate with songs rendered in a most accomplished manner

5 Mar 1953 Round The Halls

“Then there is Ron Parry who, in addition to impressions of hilarious accuracy, is a ventriloquist well equipped with ability and material”.

5 Mar 1953 Round The Halls

“….with his zany, original humour, making good use of business jacket for some off-beat impersonations and telephone act”

21 Mar 1957 Chiswick Empire

“Ron Parry, a comedian with an original technique”.

25 Sep 1958 Variety Back At The Prince Of Wales

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